Open BassDrive Mibbit IRC Chat in New WindowHow-To Register in Chat

How-To register in BassDrive Chat

  • Join chat with the nickname you would like to register. If you have already joined, and you would like to change your nickname, use the command /nick nickname
  • Next, enter the command /msg ns register yourpassword
    For example: /msg ns register password23
  • Next, while looking at the BassDrive chat window, enter the command: /cycle (you can also try /cycle #bassdrive or /hop)
    This will make you leave the room and come back, so that BassDrive knows you are registered
  • Congratulations, you have registered! Next time when you join chat, you will need to enter your password.
  • Note: if you join BassDrive chat using mIRC or another chat client instead of Mibbit, you will need to login with the identify command: /msg ns identify yourpassword