"Atmospheric Chamber" Hosted by Indigo Sync

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"Atmospheric Chamber" Hosted by Indigo Sync

Postby Indigo Sync on Sat Aug 21, 2010 8:48 pm

Hello one and all. thought i would make the effort of trying to put up tracklists of "most" shows :D will try and put all up. here is the first one. with special guest from Poland MIKE L.

second hour sees me drop the classic shally of the vadows :D for thos who locked to show live will get this joke :D

DL link added also. thanks for all the love in the chat room, and from the people hitting me up on aim. i hope i give you this respect back 3 fold.

peace and Light to the bassdrive fam. Indy!!!!


1h Mike-L

1. Bop & Despot - Microfunk [MICROFUNK]
2. Oak - Kite [UNRELEASED]
3. Crimean - Watching Her Swim [FREE]
4. Diazepam - Distances [NERVE]
5. ew1 - The Light Coming From The Darkness [DEEPREVELATION]
6. Bulb & N4m3 - From the moon [DUBKRAFT]
7. N4m3 - Better Than Nothing [EXTENTVIP]
8. Mr Sizef - Last tear from your fruity eyes will concern my space when night will visit us [UNRELEASED]
9. B Cloud - Deeper [AERIAL VIBES]
10. Sobersoul - Chronicles [RESPECT]
11. Astraoum - Microcosmic Dancers [UNRELEASED]
12. Subwave - Stars Get Down [HOSPITAL]
13. Karelia - Bugtrack [UNRELEASED]
14. Paul B - First Picture [FREE]
15. Original Ninja - Slow Snow Flow [UNRELEASED]
16. Furi Anga - Empty Planets [SHADYBRAIN]

2h Indigo Sync

17. S.P.Y - Innersoul
18. Spectrasoul - Organiser
19. Y2D - Subtractive
20. Lynx - Keep It Low (feat. Kemo)
21. Fuse - Introspective
22. LM1 & Glen E.ston - Undercurrent
23. Chooga - Wings
24. Blu Mar Ten - Overwhelm (Seba Remix)
25. Klute - Knowing How To Get There
26. Jonny Beverton - Axis
27. Jubei - Patience (feat. D-Bridge)
>>> Origin Unknown - Valley Of The Shadows
28. LM1 - Tomorrow (feat. Jett)
29. Jubei - Alignment
>>> Origin Unknown - Valley Of The Shadows
30. Stunna & Method One - Edge Of Night
31. Origin Unknown - Valley Of The Shadows


Indigo Sync
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Re: Atmospheric chamber host Indigo Sync

Postby aerial vibes on Sun Oct 10, 2010 8:01 pm

aerial vibes
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Re: "Atmospheric Chamber" Hosted by Indigo Sync

Postby markomaania on Wed Nov 02, 2011 6:10 pm

First of all I would like to say that im a big fan of your show.
Is it possible to have the tracklist for the [2011.08.15] guest mix by Tim GC?

Cheers from Estonia
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Re: "Atmospheric Chamber" Hosted by Indigo Sync

Postby MeloMan on Thu Nov 17, 2011 9:16 am

3 first tracks of second Indigo sync mix from [2011.08.15] Atmospheric Chamber - Indigo Sync is SICK!!!!! PLS, ID those tracks....
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Re: "Atmospheric Chamber" Hosted by Indigo Sync

Postby Digimortal on Thu Sep 26, 2013 12:12 am

I'm not following entrirly what's going on with the shows but did the atmospheric chambers show stopped?

I really loved it.
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