ripping 78 RPM records

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ripping 78 RPM records

Postby dnmr on Sun Mar 20, 2011 2:09 pm

Elloes dear bassdrivers.

I picked up some antique 10" 78 RPM records from a flea market some time ago, and thought about ripping them for the sake of lulz. After googling around for a bit i found out that there are apparently special needles for such records, but it does not state anywhere what's so special about them. How much would it hurt to play the plates with a normal stylus? Would it damage the needle or the records? Any input would be appreciated (:

If anyone is interested, the records are from the "Linguaphone Coversational Course English" set, and one of them has the earliest voice recording of J.R.R. Tolkien =P Not of too much value to me, but could be sampled just for the kicks.
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Re: ripping 78 RPM records

Postby dnmr on Sun Jan 27, 2013 4:13 pm

I tried looking up a reply to this post as i recall getting an answer, but this thread seemed to be empty. Turns out i got a reply on IRC (had to dig through logs), so here's an old convo if someone is looking for an answer:
(11:21:08) <overfiend> it pertains to diamond size
(11:21:22) <overfiend> 78rpm shellacs have 65um grooves
(11:21:27) <overfiend> so you have to use a 65um diamond
(11:21:57) <overfiend> plus 78s are mono
(11:22:03) <dnmr`> would normal needles just make it sould like crap or also damage the records?
(11:22:13) <overfiend> it wouldn't really damage them
(11:22:22) <overfiend> but the diamond might chatter back and forth within the groove walls
(11:22:30) <overfiend> leading to bad sound, but 78s sound like crap to begin with
(11:22:37) <dnmr`> haha yeah
(11:22:45) <dnmr`> but i get the point now
(11:22:58) <overfiend> if it's just something you want to flog around with, then skip the dedicated stylus
(11:23:18) <overfiend> if it's something you want to test the limits of, then try an ortofon OM-78
(11:23:34) <dnmr`> alright, thanks :)
(11:24:05) <overfiend> np :)

sorry if mods get mad, as this is a double post and a necro at the same time, i just thought to put this up in case someone has a similar question.
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Re: ripping 78 RPM records

Postby MarianTondreau on Wed Jul 17, 2019 12:20 pm

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