MYKOOL - Feel Alive // Makes Me Wonder [2x Vocal Dancefloor

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MYKOOL - Feel Alive // Makes Me Wonder [2x Vocal Dancefloor

Postby Nu Venture Records on Sat May 11, 2019 9:38 pm


► MYKOOL - Feel Alive // Makes Me Wonder [NVR071: OUT NOW!] ◄
- 2 x Vocal & Dancefloor Drum & Bass | Listen → -

→ Buy / Stream Links:
[Bandcamp] (£1.79 + FREE Bonus Track & Mix!)
[Beatport] (£2.60)
[Amazon] (£1.98)
[Google] (£1.98)
[Juno] (£1.91)
[iTunes] (£1.49)
[Spotify] (Stream)
[Youtube] (Stream)
[Soundcloud] (Stream)

NVR071: MYKOOL - Feel Alive // Makes Me Wonder, is OUT NOW and available to purchase / stream from all good download stores & streaming services: Beatport, iTunes, Bandcamp, Juno, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer, Youtube & more. Go to the NVR Bandcamp page to get this release complete with a FREE Bonus track and release mix, 4 tracks for only £1.79! (

► (A) MYKOOL - Feel Alive [NVR071: OUT NOW!]: ... feel-alive

► (B) MYKOOL - Makes Me Wonder [NVR071: OUT NOW!]: ... der-nvr071

► (+) MYKOOL - Feel Alive // Makes Me Wonder (Release Mix) [NVR071: OUT NOW!]: ... -nvr071-rm

► NVR071: Tracklisting:
(A) MYKOOL - Feel Alive
(B) MYKOOL - Makes Me Wonder

(+) MYKOOL - Feel Alive // Makes Me Wonder (Release Mix) [BANDCAMP ONLY!]

→ Press Release Download:

For NVR071 Nu Venture Records welcome the rising sensation that is MYKOOL. With a succession of impressive releases, free downloads and remixes, to his name already, MYKOOL presents his debut NVR release Feel Alive // Makes Me Wonder.

(A) MYKOOL - Feel Alive:
Feel Alive opens the release beginning with a dreamy intro, laden with alluring atmospheric pads, to set the tone for this uplifting dancefloor Drum & Bass track. With the original chord progression a longstanding work in progress, the emotional and catchy male vocals combined with a subtle heartbeat sample, further enhance the desired sound and really help bring the track itself alive to create an audible state of ecstasy. The intensity increases as the track exudes feel good euphoric vibes before the epic festival inspired drop. A high tempo, energy driven DnB track, sure to be owning the dancefloors and festivals near you this summer.

(B) MYKOOL - Makes Me Wonder:
Opening with lush female vocals that resonate throughout the intro, alongside subtle filtered pads and heavily reverbed percussion, to create real depth and give the track it's unique characteristic flow that's bursting with energy. As the vocals become the main focus of the verse they are accompanied by addictive House inspired piano chords, familiar with present day dance music, which are continued through into the unexpected euphoria of the first drop. Followed by a complete polar opposite switch up, catching the listener off guard with an intense bass heavy reese drop, turning the track from a feel good vocal bopper before progressing into, full on in your face, upfront dancefloor Drum & Bass.

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