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4-6pm "Just On Track" (Ashatack)

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Postby jonbass on Sat May 12, 2012 10:23 pm

Hello. I have heard you play a tune in 2 of your recent Bassdrive sets that you identified as Command Strange - Pleasure.
I think there has been some kind of mistake because when I google search Command Strange - Pleasure I am getting results for a totally different tune than the tune you are playing.I was wondering if you could correctly ID the tune you have been playing?I actually like it a lot better than Command Strange - Pleasure. ... e-pleasure < This is deff not the same track as 12th April The_just_on_track_show_with_Ashatack (time: 90:06 to 94:04) or 19th April - The just on track show with Ashatack Live Bassdrive - 2012 (time: 23:50 to 28:19).
Big ups if you can ID the tune for me. Also, big ups for your shows on Bassdrive. I Always enjoy your sets. Cheers
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