BassDrive on PlayStation 3(little guide)

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BassDrive on PlayStation 3(little guide)

Postby SoundSurfer on Tue Mar 05, 2013 9:50 pm

Hi, i'm try too much solutions to listen BassDrive on PlayStation3.
One way what's work, i'm will tell here.
Okay, we need:
PlayStation 3
PS3 Media Server 1.20.412

1)Download and Install PS3 Media Server(Click on image).
2)Close program, and go to - "*:\Program Files\PS3 Media Server"(Installed Derictory) and find a WEB.conf, open via any text editor program.
3)Add that to text:
Code: Select all

U must have it:
Save and exit.
4)Start PS3 Media Server.
5)In PS3 interface open "Music-PS3 Media Server-Web-BassDrive"

You can also watch online TV or IP TV this way, changing only -
Code: Select all

Code: Select all
videostream.Web,TV=[Chanel Name],[Chanel Adress],[Chanel Preview image]

p.s. Try it all on PS3 Media Server 1.7.2 - doesn't work. Late try to fix it, and rework guide.
p.s.s. U CAN'T Listen and play, but i still try to find a way =) guide be updated when i find a solution.(i'm so close to it).
p.s.s.s. When BassDrive Cam be online, i'm update how add BDCam on PS3.

Right now u can play is some games, where u can make u'r music libirary ingame.
Blu-Ray Releases:
Battlefield Bad Company 2 (offline only)
Blur (offline only)
Burnout Paradise (patched and through in-game menu/radio)
Dante's Inferno
Dragonball Raging Blast
Ferrari Challenge: Trofeo Pirelli
Ghostbusters: The Video Game
Godfather 2
Green Day: Rock Band
Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days (offline only)
Killzone 2 (multiplayer only)
King Of Fighters XII
LittleBigPlanet (during pod and creating levels only, used via game's menu)
Medal Of Honor (limited to menus in the beta)
Midnight Club: Los Angeles (offline only)
MLB 08: The Show (through menu)
MLB 09: The Show (through menu as well?)
Modnation Racers
Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe
Motorstorm Apocalypse
Motorstorm Pacific Rift (offline only)
NBA 09: The Inside
NCAA Football 09 (only at certain times, touchdown ie)
NHL 10 (add music through playlist)
Red Dead Redemption (offline only)
Resonance of Fate
Rock Band 2 (Drum Freeplay only, possibly during menus as well)
Sacred 2
Shaun White Snowboarding
Skate 2 (possibly offline only)
Skate 3
Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection (mutes SFX sounds)
Sonic Unleashed
Street Figther IV
Super Street Fighter IV (including online)
Tekken 6 (offline only)
Trinity Universe
Warhawk (patched)
WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2009 (offline only)
WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2010 (offline only)
PSN Releases (includes applications):
After Burner Climax
Anarchy: Rush Hour
Battle Tanks (now Tank Battles)
Burnout Paradise (patched and through in-game menu/radio)
Burn Zombie Burn!
Call Of Duty Classic
Comet Crash
Crash Commando (lobby and main menu only)
Critter Crunch (with patch 1.1)
Crystal Defenders
Digger HD
Diner Dash
Feeding Frenzy 2
Gundemonium Recollection
High Velocity Bowling
Hitogata Happa
Hustle Kings
Hyperballoid HD
Joe Danger (patched)
Life With Playstation
Magic Orbz (formerly Magic Ball)
Marvel vs Capcom 2
Military Madness
Noby Noby Boy
Penny Arcade Adventures
PixelJunk Eden (unlockable)
PixelJunk Monsters (patched)
PixelJunk Shooters
Planet Minigolf
Revenge of the Wounded Dragons
Savage Moon (patched)
Section 8
Smash Cars
Super Stardust HD
Tank Battles (formerly Battle Tanks)
Wakeboarding HD
Weekly Toro Station
Wipeout HD (via menu, need to make a playlist)
Warhawk (patched)
ZEN Pinball
(Game List is not a Full, it's only what i can find, if u know more - write pls)

Hope it's help someone More listen lovely station ! Stay Tuned !
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Re: BassDrive on PlayStation 3(little guide)

Postby paugom on Thu Mar 14, 2019 9:15 pm

Thanks for sharing

creditos rapidos al instante
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